" DON'T GET TO THE END OF YOUR LIFE AND REGRET ALL THE THINGS YOU DIDN'T DO." / under construction/If you want to spice up your sex life and  try something new,I highly recommend introducing sex toys!"Historically, sex toys have been known to exist for thousands of  years. Stories say that Cleopatra [more...]
Gentlemen, especially those planning to take me on longer adventure, often ask me questions about my leisure time as well as my passions.To answer some of your queries, literature has always been a great passion of mine ( among others).I even have Master's degree in English Literature.Therefore, I will speak [more...]
" LiIFE IS SHORT, AND IT IS HERE TO BE LIVED." - Kate Winslet Today  I am going to focus on some great reasons why you should hire an Escort. I will show you why this is the service you should be utlizing. First and foremost, if you have any sexual fantasies that [more...]
 Altough  VIRTUAL DATING  is not something newly discovered, it has definitely gathered momentum during pandemic.Whether you are shy, or just cannot meet in person at the moment, either because of long distance or restrictions, it is a great way to keep yourself entertained.Welcome to meet your Virtual Courtesan- Miss Katie Love. Here [more...]
 Welcome to the world of fantasy and ultimate pleasure! Have you ever wanted to be someone else for a day? Maybe to dress up and play? Come on, now it is your chance to sample some discrete fun in the bedroom and decide what excites you most! Below, not in a particular order, my [more...]
For centuries, people have turned to massage as a way to de-stress, reduce axiety and improve their overall health.Similarly,  Erotic Massage has some surprishing health benefits .It strenghtens an  immune system, reduses risk of hearth attack, counts as an exercise.Well , it feels like we all need some erotic massage [more...]
The 19th of July " Freedom Day" is upon us. Summer holidays have started already  for many ....However, if you are one of those people who is not keen to take a trip abroad during these uncertain times or on the contrary you feel now is the time to visit [more...]
You have decided to treat yorself to some quality time in the company of a glamorous and sensual woman.Now you are faced with the dilemma whether to telephone an escort agency or to  contact  an independent escort directly....First and foremost, let me assure you that both escort agency and independent escort will [more...]
  I am  not a fan of eating  out on cold pavements, when tempratures are just above 0 C.Roll- on 17th May, when we will be able to enjoy fine dinining indoors! Below, there is a short list of my favourite places in London ( and beyond ).As much as I like to [more...]
 " Forget yesterday.Live for today.Tomorrow is not promised " It's been a while.... As lockdown restrictions are slowly being lifted, we  all need more than ever to indulge in  a self-care.Self- care includes spending time on activities  that bring you joy and happiness. Therefore, it is time to make plans to [more...]
A lot of people ( both women and men) compentsate  themselves, for their less than average sexual life, by reading erotic novels or watching porn movies. During lockdown and compulsory quarantine, sales of both erotic movies and books haveconsiderably increased. Most people tend to forget about daunting reality when they are [more...]
  'HAPPINESS IS...treating yourself now and then." I personally love having a threesome, ideally two girls and  a man! Being genuinally bisexual I am naturally  attracted to glamorous and sexy women.  I just love the whole adventure and sizzling  sensations I can  experience when getting a lot of attension , at the [more...]