Aug 17 2021

Most pleasurable erotic massages-Blog post

For centuries, people have turned to massage as a way to de-stress, reduce axiety and improve their overall health.
Similarly, Erotic Massage has some surprishing health benefits.
It strenghtens an  immune system, reduses risk of hearth attack, counts as an exercise.
Well, it feels like we all need some erotic massage now and then ;)
The scent of   ylang ylang candles are in the air...Are you ready to participate in this breathtaking experience ?
1.My favouite one,  The Duo  massage is when two people give each other full body massage using luxurious oils. My personal preferance is  The Four Hands  massage when two masseuses  look after one receiver- female or male.The full -body massage will  leave no part of you untouched.
2.Nuru massage  is a  traditional Japanse erotic massage, " slide massage". Two naked and well oiled  bodies ( tradionally they use a transparent gel  ) rub against each other.
3.Lingam massage is a stimulation of the penis through the massage. For the kinky Gents, I love to massage penis with my beatiful feet, clad in nylons on request.
4.Prostate massage," milking the prostate " is the massage of the prostate until fluid comes out.Helping someone achieve one of those mind blowing orgasms is an amazing experience!
5.Soapy massage -an old favourite.Being massaged in a shower or a bubble bath by an alluring masseuse is utterly delightful and an ultimate aphrodisiac.
6.Tantric massage will set you free from any restraints and help you achieve relaxation and euphoria.The lingering benefits of the Tantra will leave you content for many days after the session...
7.Last but not least is The Vagina Masssage ,Yoni.It can create the most intense orgasm ever!  Take my word for it...
8. A Happy Ending Massage also called a hand job. If you are looking for something " extra" with your full body  massage then I recommend it.
It will always leave you with a smile:)
" Don't wait for the perfect moment; take the moment and make it perfect"
I dare you to try  one of my customized massage sessions!
Miss Katie Love xxx
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