Jul 16 2021

Summer in the City

The 19th of July " Freedom Day" is upon us. Summer holidays have started already  for many ....
However, if you are one of those people who is not keen to take a trip abroad during these uncertain times or on the contrary you feel now is the time to visit London- this is the ultimate Guide to your frisky summer in the capital. Do not do the same boring things like all your mates do, a pub lunch, maybe a shopping trip...Dare to be original and open minded as well.
London provides endless opportunities both during a day and night. From great restaurants and bars ( see my earlier post ) to best shopping experiences ever. However, it is not all about where you are but with whom you  could share your experieces ! Romantic picinc in Hyde Park, a night cruise on the River Thames  or even  F1 British Grand Prix requires a  company of a great woman - like the cherry on the cake :)
Because every man needs an alluring  arm candy, a fabulous woman next to him that he knows she is admired by every man she comes across.During a day you can play  it cool but when the sun sets the whole new chapter begings...
Do sample some night life in the capital,too. Let it be a romantic dinner in a roof top restaurant or maybe some clubbing.Have you been to Haeven yet?
Whatever you do, make sure you create memories that will make you happy ( or maybe even blush ) for many months to go...
As I fondly recall an August Bank Holiday weekend once spent at the Ritz in the company of a very open minded Gentleman and my bisexual Girlfriend.
We had amazing dinner downstairs where we were dressed beautifully.Afterwards, we returned shortly to the suite to change into more comfortable clothes.We visited casino briefly and then went to some bars for late night drinks.Our host decided to take a rickshaw back to the hotel.He once again  has assured us of his impeccable taste... when he picked  the most handsome  rickshaw rider you could imagine, like a cover model.Both my Girlfriend and myself have blushed when we first looked at him.In the end, he parked his rickshaw outside the Ritz, and got an invite to the suite.
All I can tell you, it was once in a life time experience for all of us.In fact it was so good, we repeated it  ( the same company ) on each occasion our Host was visiting London... ; )
Wishing everyone a great, frisky summer...wherever you are.
Dont wait, make those memories- nobody can ever take them away from you !
Katie , xxx