Jun 09 2021

Independent escorts vs agency escorts.Pros & cons.

You have decided to treat yorself to some quality time in the company of a glamorous and sensual woman.Now you are faced with the dilemma whether to telephone an escort agency or to  contact  an independent escort directly....
First and foremost, let me assure you that both escort agency and independent escort will strive to provide you with the best service ever to ensure you will contact them again!  Now ball is in your court and it is a very personal choice. Some men  have their favourite, reputable agency that  they will always contact  and they cannot imagine to call a Girl directly.Mind you, most elite independent escorts have started their work by working for a well known agency, that includes myself.I am fond of those old good  times, when I have learned the ropes and made some friendships forever. Nevertheless,  as a natural entrepreneur, one day  I have  decided I am  ready to be my own Boss...
As everything in life, being your own boss has good and bad sides.There is a lot of responsiblity on my shoulders now, in terms of marketing and PR work, which is both time consuming and costly. However, the best thing ever is I can choose a Gentleman I want to meet, what time and where.This way only  as an independent escort  I can ensure that we are on the same wave and our time spend together is nothing but  a joy and  a sensual feast. I am rested, relaxed and look like  a million dollars just  for You...I am not on the clock constantly and I am happy to accomade some extra time for a Gentleman if need to be.For longer bookings and bespoke dates I offer POA. Discretion,like for you, is of paramount importance to me.Our secret stays between the two of us only !
I know some alluring and trusted colleagues. So whether you  are looking for another girl to join us, or  simply for my personal recommendations, you know you can trust me. I will only recommend the escort I know well and I am confident she will satisfy your requirements.
All in all , there  are plenty of beautiful women around you that are waiting for you to contact them.It's up to you which one you choose...
Remeber, Be kind Always !
Katie xx