Oct 14 2020

Erotic Spa for the Brain

A lot of people ( both women and men) compentsate  themselves, for their less than average sexual life, by reading erotic novels or watching porn movies. During lockdown and compulsory quarantine, sales of both erotic movies and books have
considerably increased. Most people tend to forget about daunting reality when they are sexually excited.It's an Erotic Spa for our Brain, so much needed with all the crap going on.However, some understand well that what makes us aroused will not stand a chance in our marriage/relationship.There are no Good and Bad sexual fantasies.However, it  is important what you will do with your fantasy ideas.If you are lucky to share your life with a sexually open minded partner  with whom you can entrust your deepest fantasies, then you are the winner! However, most of us subconsciously know that staging such a  " theatre  play " would ruin their relationship for good ! Hence, there are a lot of  lust driven both men and women who are looking  to spread their wings somewhere else. Sometimes dirty talking or a discreet fantasy phone chat is a first step to make someone aroused and content ( before you even meet them in person.) I know....